How to download files that cannot be downloaded on Google Drive (How to Fix Google Drive Download Limit For Shared Files)

Google Drive is one of Google's online file sharing or storage sites. Google's file sharing in my opinion has a very fast upload speed as well as the download.

But apparently Google limits the number of downloads of their files, for example you want to download file A because many files have been downloaded, Google will limit the file alias cannot be downloaded within a certain period of time. This is annoying when we need the file instead it can't be downloaded.

How to Fix Google Drive Download Limit For Shared Files?
How to Fix Google Drive Download Limit For Shared Files?

I have experienced several times when downloading files on Google Drive can not be downloaded only a warning appears like the image below. This is caused because in one day many people access and download the file.

Is there another way we can download the file? As it is, you have to bypass to limit the download speed of Google Drive. The method is very easy, I'll show you through the steps below:

Step 1 - How to Overcome Google Drive Limit
First you must have a Google Drive account or gmail first. If you don't have one now, please register first, how to register is also very easy, for those who don't know how to make Gmail, you can follow the guidelines here while you can watch the video guide here.

Step 2 - Second How to Enter Gmail

Please log in to your Gmail account. After logging in later you will see the Google Drive Logo on the top left. Click the Google Drive + icon

Step 3 - Create a New Folder.

At this stage you create a new folder and enter the file we want to download into this folder so that we can easily group and find files.

Step 4 - Make a Copy of the File.

Please click on your Google drive to enter your file on Google Drive. Click the file you want to download then click "make a copy" or "make a copy"

Step 5 - Download your file.

Please click the copy file that you created earlier, right-click the file and then download it.

Surely you can now and successfully download the file that you can't download before.