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Free Website Builder to Make Sites Easily

Free Website Builder to Make Sites Easily

When you want to create your own website then you can hire a web designer to do it or make your own using a free website builder. This will certainly save the costs associated with hiring a professional.

When we talk about building/creating a website or site, the first choice that may come into people's mind is the WordPress CMS. But WordPress needs some basic understanding of how to connect with domain and hosting as well as basic HTML knowledge.

This is not how much when your WordPress is becoming more popular and requires you to learn more about other complicated matters. But by using Website Builder then it is not necessary complicated things you should know in creating a website or site either in the form of blog or online store either use for your personal, community or company.

Here are some Free and Best Website Builder to create a website that can help you build the most interesting website in a matter of minutes:

Website Builder - Wix
Wix is ​​one of the best and free Website Builder to create websites available on the Internet for everyone. Websites like nominate WIX as a free online Website Builder platform.


This cloud-based website development platform enables users to design mobile sites and HTML sites using online tools with drag and drop features.

In addition to free hosting for your free website, this website builder also allows second-level domains, although usage is limited to 500MB of storage space and 1G bandwidth but Wix is ​​supported by quality and inbuilt support of Google Analytics. Wix will be the ideal solution for those who are looking to create a sophisticated and easy-to-use web with a variety of professional features of a website template.

Website Builder - Weebly
One of the biggest favorites among Website Builder is web-based templates. Weebly looks easy to use with many customization options. Some features of Weebly include the ability to add maps, drag-and-drop functionality, online store features that can sell right from the website and the availability of many free templates.


It also lets users add video and audio to websites and they can view and edit mobile versions of websites. With unlimited storage space and bandwidth, Weebly is one of the easiest Website Builder to use.

Website Builder - Square Space
Square Space is an ideal choice for designing a portfolio site or personal business blog. The choice of hosting feature provides a very easy way to develop a website or blog.


The interface is one of the best for designing and personalizing your website without the need for knowledge of the programming language or finding a third party to create a template. Square Space is a content-based SaaS management system that also offers your website traffic statistics along with blogging platforms, website builders and hosting services. Target Squarespace is a unique user market class like business owners and designers, who primarily want to create professional portfolio and blogging sites.

Website Builder - Webnode
Webnode has gained popularity for professional sites that can be designed using website builder. Modern templates that can be tailored to the individual needs are ideal for creating business, e-commerce and personal sites.


Furthermore, Webnode is completely optimized for mobile gadgets and displays sites precisely on all device types. Webnode is an online Website Builder system developed by Westcom, which gained a lot of popularity over the past few years, with the increasing popularity of free website builders and the joining of bloggers on the internet. And, to give you an idea of ​​Webnode's current popularity of over 15,000,000 bloggers, companies, professionals, artists and students worldwide are Webnode users.

Website Builder - WebStarts
If you want to design a simple yet elegant website, WebStarts is the right choice of free website builder. With some exclusive features, it's easy and easy to use.


A wide-ranging feature for fonts helps create unique and stylish content on your website using simple/minimalist templates.

Users can even add a form of activated shopping carts and sell products by accepting credit cards online so this service is not only meant to create public blogs but can be more used to build serious business websites as well.

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