Blended Learning, E-Learning and Online Learning

Blended Learning, E-Learning and Online Learning

Blended Learning, E-Learning and Online Learning
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The evolution of technology and the numerous and varied educational institutions, each providing a number of courses or degrees, has led to a confusing variety of terms in the field of distance education - distance learning, e-learning, online learning, virtual education, blended learning, flexible learning, etc.

Blended Learning, E-Learning and Online Learning
Blended Learning, E-Learning and Online Learning

What do they all have in common and in what way they are different? If you’re considering pursuing an online course or a distance learning degree, you will first need to understand what each type of learning offers. That way, you can make an informed decision and avoid any mix-up.
  1. e-learning; e-learning can refer to the situation where the interaction between the students and the teacher is done online. Basically, the students receive the training and are taught through an online medium, even though the teacher may be in the same building with them. It is simply students’ and teacher’s choice for instruction.
  2. Online learning; In online learning, the key element is the use of internet and is described as the learning experience that is realised with the use of some technology. Online learning can encompass both e-learning and blended learning, as it generally refers to the idea of using online tools for learning.
  3. Distance learning; Although distance learning is understood and is often used as a synonym of the online learning term, it was initially introduced in order to attract students from all over the world. Universities are offering distance learning degrees dedicated to everyone, as long as they meet entry requirements and qualifications. So it became possible for students from Europe for instance, to easily attend an American college without the need to travel.
  4. Blended learning; Blended learning is a combination of learning at a distance and the traditional on-site learning (in a class-room). Basically, students will have a (more or less) fixed schedule where they will have to attend a part of the classes at the educational institution and for the rest, they can make their own schedule, attend the rest of the classes and do their coursework and assignments online.


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