Free Sales Software

Free Sales Software

For sales managers of small businesses, OnePageCRM is a great choice. An easy-to-use online sales solution, OnePageCRM keeps all contacts and sales information in one place and has a proven follow-up system. Small business sales managers will enjoy more time doing their own work because OnePageCRM allows for “almost zero admin sales,” by making it possible for sales reps to move on to the next action with prospects themselves.

Need free sales software? Consider Bitrix24. 100% free for up to 12 users, it’s ready to use in 30 seconds and can be easily integrated with your website or other tools, if necessary, and comes with all the sales tools you need. Lead and prospect management? Check. Customer database? Check. CRM? Yes. Sales reports? Got that. Quotes and invoices? Absolutely. Email marketing? Why, of course. Call center and telemarketing? You bet ya. Again, all of these tools are absolutely free when used by up to 12 users in cloud. And if you want to have self hosted version that comes with open source code access and can be installed on your own server, we’ve got that too. Call us biased, but Bitrix24 is the best free sales software out there. Register now or check videos and manual if you have any questions.

  • Basic features - 12 users free Unlimited users $99/mo 5GB free online storage Sales management 
  •  Sales reporting - Sales tools Cloud and self hosted Marketplace Desktop and mobile apps API and open source code available
  •  Full sales cycle management - Lead creation from web forms, email or phone calls Custom sales stages Custom fields and CRM forms Duplicate entry prevention Duplicate merge Search filters Product catalog CRM activity stream
  •  Sales automation - Access rights Automatic lead assignment Workflows (see video) Tasks / Projects Documents Calendar Birthday reminders Mobile CRM
  •  Sales Reporting - Activity by agent Sales by agent Leads by stages Sales funnel Sales channels analysis Custom field reports Report templates

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