15 Best PC Video Editor Applications Free 2019

15 Best PC Video Editor Applications Free 2019
PC video editing applications are indeed very helpful at all for us all that so often make a video or even to all of you who have Youtube channels. Because we are all definitely not only want to upload the video on youtube channel with the results better yet, where we should set the back sound, sound and combine multiple videos. Therefore we must have video edit software application or to combine everything into a video with the results very satisfactory and should be OK of course.

15 Best PC Video Editor Applications Free 2019
15 Best PC Video Editor Applications Free 2019

As you guys know, if nowadays many once people who vlogging or also deliberately make a video and then upload them in Chanel youtube or also instagram. Certainly not just applications video editing PC are already there for the moment, many are also people who use the computer for photo editing application that can results will be used and even nicer and cooler. But all of you also do not original in insta software application or video editing PC, because not all PC can support with existing video editing application for now.

Therefore, all of you must know in advance, If the application that you want to install or not. Because each application will need a high spec and there are also PC video editing application with low specifications. For now This is indeed a great many video editing applications that we can use either the application for free or paid. However for you guys who want to make the edit video with the results more maximal can use the paid, because there is quite a lot of features and have tool.

If you have a PC with high-spec, will certainly support with video editing application with pc versions of just about anything. It could even Install quite a lot of applications, in addition to the edit applications can install video and photo editing, you can also install applications karaoke best to get rid of saturated. For you beginners looking for a video editing pc application, can you guys check out the course reviews which we will pass on to you all. For more details, you can refer to the direct course reviews that we have prepared the following.

1. Sony Vegas Pro 13
The application of the first pc video editing is Sony Vegas Pro 13, for the application of this one was already no stranger to Some people. Because these applications are already present long enough once from version 8 to the present that have got updated with the version 13. An awful lot of editors of the largest amateur or video already using it, because in it there are quite a lot of all of its features that can yield very cool video and quality is very ok.

2. VideoPad Video Editor
For video editing pc application to next is VideoPad Video Editor, on the application of this one is indeed very easy once for use and pastinyan will be very light. In addition to the There is quite a lot of fiitur that exists therein, so you all will be easier in connecting video and cut video with excellent quality.

3. Avidemux
Avidemux became one of video editing application software or pc often used for beginners or people who are learning edit video. Because at aolikasi this one is pretty easy once to use, it also very lightly once upon used. All of you can also kmpres the video on this application,so that the file will be smaller than before. Moreover, it also kaulitas video results of edits on this software remains good.

4. Blender
Indeed quite a lot of pc video editing applications once we can use to edit video with better result that the addition of sound effects and also text. You could use only Blender, on software application or video editing. You guys can produce a video that is very cool, because it There are quite a lot of all of its features. Moreover, it also applications or software video edit is very light when you guys use it.

5. Corel Video Studio
There are quite a lot of video editing application once the best pc and light is there for now and one of them is the Corel Video Studio. On the edit video software for the pc from the company named Corel has indeed a great many who use it. Because of this application we can edit video from the cut video, combine video and add a few sound effects with ease. It also is very light to use, by reason of the that's an awful lot that use it.

6. Cinelerra
Being is one application to edit video pc a long time ago, Cinelerra video editing is becoming a very trusted for pc most video editor. Because this software has been developed in the year 98 still believed by many people to edit the video. Even more cool again already equipped with quite a lot of the features already provided in that application. In addition it's also very lightweight all for us use, so many people use it.

7. Kdenlive
PC video editing application that is OpenShot, on This application has been used by many people. Because in Kdenlive has been there pretty much all interesting features that could make a video of you all better again. Of course not only is it easy to edit the video, on the application or This software is also very light once for our use. In addition to the It would also be very well suited for multiple os as Windows or mac and also linux.

8. Pinnacle Studio
The large number of existing video editing application for now, making us dilemma in choosing a video editing on a pc. If you guys want to belajat to edit the video, could just use Pinnacle The Studio as a software to try to edit the video. Because in the This application is also very light once for our use and certainly comes with quite a lot of features Interestingly. In addition, the quality of the edit video still okay, so many also people using edit video from Pinnacle Studio.

9. FlowBlade
FlowBlade became one of the software or for video editing pc the ring relied on the editors of the largest professional or editor new amateur study. Because of this application we can edit videos like combine several videos with sound effects being a very cool video. In addition to having enough many advantages, FlowBlade also very light at a time when we use to edit video.

10. Lightworks
If all of you are bored with some of the video editing application, you guys can just use video editing application Lightworks. Because on the edit video this one is already used by many editors largest and most famous film even many who use software on this one. Because it already comes with several interesting features, so the result is a very video cool and quality.

11. OpenShot
For the beginner can also use OpenShot as application to edit a video, because video editing application on this pc is very complete and well light. Certainly it would be very well suited for all of you who want to learn to edit video and also the result is quality. Then it just became very reasonable one of the best video editing and also quite a lot of rebellion using software for video editing.

12. Adobe Premiere Pro
The name of the Adobe Premiere Pro was already familiar to us, because on this pc video editing application already in use by millions of people. Even edits video on this application it has a very good quality, so it is natural only when many people are use this software. In addition there are also quite a lot of interesting features in Adobe Premiere Pro that we can use. In addition, we can use the many tools in Adobe Premiere Pro.

13. Windows Movie Maker
There are a great many software edit video pc that can be used for beginners in the edit video and one of them is Windows Movie Maker. This application is very easy. We use and also features a complete set of all. So it is very well suited to beginners, because the editors the application is very simple and easy to use. But certainly you will feel a very mild at the moment use it.

14. AVS Video Editor
As we pass on to you all is, if for the moment there is quite a lot of PCs once the edit application video. We could use and one of them is the AVS Video Editor. On the application already there is pretty much all the features interesting and pretty much all the effects that could have you guys use on the video you guys edit. As for the results is also very. This application certainly qualified and very light.

15. Camtasia
The last pc video is Camtasia, on the edit video PC like this one with some video editing pc applications the others. Where there is already pretty much all the features the features that we can use to edit your videos, there are even features that can be recorded on a pc and instantly we can edit. Very cool not on application, then very reasonable only if many video editing application that is using this one.

That's some video editing pc applications can you guys use to edit a video, from some PC Video Editor Applications Free above.

Sony Vegas Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro into your edit application best pc video in our opinion, because an awful lot of existing features inside. If you guys are gamers can you guys use the emulator Android is light can you guys record and edit applications like the one above. so that we can pass on, hopefully the above information can be useful to you all.

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