Tips on Choosing The Best School Website Design

Tips on Choosing The Best School Website Design

The school's Website is one of the most accurate source of information about school profile, school data, and also a face representing schools in the public and government's eyes. Therefore, choosing the design of a school website is an important thing to be aware of because it is very influential in school reputation.

Tips on Choosing The Best School Website Design
Tips on Choosing The Best School Website Design

Understanding School Website Design
The design of the school website is a model or view of the school website that will be the face and attention center of website visitors when opening pages of such websites. Therefore, every designer of the website will certainly compete to cultivate creativity to make a website design look suitable for a school.

The Design of the school website will certainly affect many things where one of them is able to give a lot of impression given to the school so that it is one of the important factor in maximizing digitalization for Schools in Indonesia.

Tips to choose a Website design suitable for school
The design of an attractive school website will certainly improve the assessment of the community that the school is a modern and advanced educational institution. However, less attractive website design can lower the school's reputation. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to tips on choosing a website design suitable for school.

1. Interesting

Interesting is a very important element when choosing a school website design. The Ministry of a school website can be seen from various angles, such as color, content quality, uploaded images, and so forth. Therefore, the school website should be designed as attractive as possible based on various angles.

Usually, the design of the school website is more suitable for using elegant colors and giving an official impression. It is based on its identity as an educational institution that is under the supervision of the Government, of course it will be very unsuitable if the school website uses a colour that is memorable.

The Ministry of a school website can also be determined from the quality of the content presented. We recommend that content displayed on the school website is content that is informative or persuasive. It would be very unsuitable if the school website contains dominant content that is recreative.

2. No page between

The existence of a page between is one of the main reasons why website visitors feel lazy to enjoy the contents or content of the website. This is because it will make it difficult for website visitors to go directly to the main page. Therefore, the design of the school website should avoid the existence of intermediate pages.

The page between the usual in a school design website is a page that contains a welcome greeting or other pages that are less important. The page between the generally very disturbing website visitors is the ad page that should be avoided on the school website.

3. No animated or audio images on the main page

Good School website Design is one that does not load animated or audio images with the AutoPlay system. This will surely interfere with the comfort of visitors when visiting the school website. It is also based on previous tips that preferably on the school website does not accentuate its recreational properties.

In addition to disrupting the comfort of website visitors, the presence of animated images or audio will also reduce the formal and authoritative impression of the website that is sheltered by the educational institutions. Moreover, visitors who feel the real website will immediately close the page of the website without seeing the content or other contents.

4. The presence of links to other pages

We recommend that the school's website design also includes links that direct visitors to other pages. It is intended so that visitors will also not feel easily bored with the main page of the school website. With the inclusion of links (link) This will certainly make the web design more varied and interesting.

In addition, this website design makes it easy for website visitors to search for specific information based on pre-designed classification, such as Link (link) directing website visitors on school profile page, data of school performance, registration information, and other information.

5. Proper structure

This website's design structure deals with the placement of navigation menus, images, contacts, advertisements, and so on. It is also an important aspect to be considered in making a website design. Each category must be arranged in such a way as not to make a full impression on the main page.

6. Selection of font types

Fonts are one of the important things that greatly affects the beauty and the Ministry of a school website. We recommend that the font type chosen for website design is a type of font that gives a bold and official impression, but the selected font does not make the reader feel tired quickly.

7. Placement of School Logos

The school logo placement should be placed at the top because the logo is the identity of the school which becomes the center of first attention when website visitors open it. Website design is also obliged to note that the school logo should be adjusted in size, such as small and large proportions with writing.

8. There are special menus for photos and videos

When choosing a school website design, for photos and videos it would be good if not mixed with a menu containing the writing. It is intended to allow the concentration of website visitors not easily divided by things that are audio visual while enjoying the written information of the website.

9. No page for ads

On the design of the school website, it would be good to avoid advertising or product pages. The ad pages displayed on the school's website will be much better if they only display specific information about the school or school's persuasing matters like attracting new learners ' registrations.

Based on these tips, choose the design of the school website can not be done carelessly, but must pay attention to the rules to get the attention of the website visitors and compete for good judgment in the eyes Public or government through an online-based school website.

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