VPS Hosting for Schools and Teachers

With the digitalization of information becoming more and more prevalent in all industries, school libraries are slowly making their way online, as are lesson plans, reading lists, notes and guidance and even homework assignments. With this large bulk of information needing to be kept safely online, it is important that schools think about how they are hosting their information so that it is not only safe and secure but it is also easy to control and share with others.

Initially, when the Internet became a mainstream part of daily life, schools would purchase shared hosting and pay a company to program a small and simple website for the basic display of information. These days, this kind of website would not serve any purpose at all, as students and teachers now require access to e-mail services more than they require a simple paragraph of text. An online search for any school's website shows that the standards for hosting and sharing of information have increased dramatically.

The point of virtual private servers (VPS) are to allow the client space to upload information, host resource heavy websites and applications, and set up entire intranets without any impact on other services being hosted on the same physical space. The hardware is partitioned in such a way that each client has the performance of a dedicated server at a fraction of the cost.

Some companies buy two or three VPS hosting accounts from the same web hosting provider for the use of their websites, internal communications and storage of information without any one of these hogging the resources needed by another. For a school, this means that they can send out mass e-mails to all staff students without jamming the server and reducing performance for those who are trying to use study notes hosted elsewhere on the site.

It is no secret that schools have very tight budgets, and need to make the most of affordable services while still having the students' best interests at heart. Using a virtual private server cut the costs by not needing the hardware, the technical staff or lengthy contracts. They can simply decide on a budget that suits them, select a VPS service that offers a good selection of tools for their needs and have their information up and running within a couple of hours. As the Internet grows, and they need to add more information or upgrade the space or bandwidth of the service, the VPS hosting service can do this without disruption.

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