5 Application Download Manager It Download Super Fast Files on Smartphones

If you often download a large variety of files on your Android phone, then it's time to have a download manager app. By installing the Play Store Download Manager app, there are many benefits you can get, e.g. faster downloads, can pause or resume interrupted download files, and much more.

Then what Download Manager app is recommended? Here's a review of the Download Manager app list for Android that you can consider.

5 Application Download Manager It Download Super Fast Files on Smartphones
5 Application Download Manager It Download Super Fast Files on Smartphones

1. Advanced Download Manager
More than 50 million Android users have used this app. Advanced Download Manager is able to download large files quickly, and other advantages that are rarely owned by the Download Manager app generally.

Users of this app can download up to three files simultaneously at maximum speed. Also, users can pause the download process to continue later.

2. Turbo Download Manager
You can increase download speeds by up to 5 times using the Turbo Download Manager on your Android phone. Simply copy the download link you get and paste it into the features that this app has provided. However, this app can't support downloads coming from YouTube due to Google's terms of service.

3. Download All Files
Application Download Manager with the number of users over 10 million. Just like similar apps, you can rely on it to download a wide range of files at high speeds, even continuing the downloaded files that were disconnected previously.

With the Download All Files app, you can download any type of file over the Internet, including links coming from YouTube that are usually banned by Google.

4. Loader Droid Download Manager
Application Loader Droid Download Manager has a user friendly look where the user will feel more comfortable with the dark concept in this application. You can rely on this application because it is able to manage and download various types of files with a more optimized internet connection, be it 3G, 4G, or via WiFi network.

5. Download Accelerator Plus
The way the app works is simple, where the file is divided into sections and uses a multi-threaded function to make the download process faster and more stable. Although small in size, the application proved to be able to improve the download process through multi-threaded functions.

The types of files you can download include RAR, MP3, APK, doc, AVI, and many other popular file types. The app also has an auto-resume feature that allows users to continue the download process that is interrupted or interrupted.

Thus reviews several download Manager apps for Android that can download large files faster. Which one suits your needs?

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