Quick Tip: How to select a custom download location on you Chromebook

Because we eat, sleep and breathe Chromebooks here at Chrome Unboxed, it’s easy for us to take for granted the seemingly simple functionalities of Chrome OS. We use them every day without a second thought but we want to make sure we are offering not only news and reviews but also great tips and how-tos for new and seasoned Chromebook users. With the recent events surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, Chromebook adoption has grown at an accelerated rate as students, employees and general consumers have found a need for a device that is as versatile and flexible as the needs that have been thrust upon its user. That was never more clear than earlier this week when we sat down with Chrome OS head of product management John Maletis and he informed us that Chromebook growth had experienced a 400% YoY growth recently.

That fact in hand, it occurred to me that there are likely a TON of new Chromebook users who are out there trying to figure this thing out and the burden of learning a new operating system wasn’t on their list of things to do in 2020. Thankfully, Chrome OS is relatively straightforward and lightweight. Most users that are familiar with Google’s Android ecosystem and use Google’s applications will, for the most part, make themselves at home fairly quickly. Still, there’s a lot to be said about mastering the basics and that’s exactly what I want to do with this new “Quick Tip” series. We’re going to cover the basics of using Chrome OS today I’m going to show you how to change your default download location on your device.

Out of the box, Chromebooks have a Files app pinned to the shelf and as you’d expect, that’s where all of your files live. When you open the files app, you won’t see much apart from the Downloads folder and a Google Drive tab. The Drive tab will be connected to the Google account that you used to log into the device and is connected by default. (You can disconnect Google Drive in the settings menu if you prefer.)
How to select a custom download location on you Chromebook

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