Google Drive Synchronization with Laptop for Automatic Data Backup

The use of computers in this modern era can be said to be a primary need, especially for a student or office worker. A computer, whether in the form of a Desktop PC or Laptop, is always needed to help complete work and tasks. When using a computer, all data and work results will be stored on a hard drive, where no one can guarantee that the hard drive will last a long time and can continue to be used. Another problem is if for example your laptop is lost or stolen by someone else, then of course the data and all the work done using the laptop will be lost.
To anticipate this problem, it is highly recommended to backup data so that you have backup data when the data on your laptop cannot be used anymore. There are several ways you can do to back up data or work done on a laptop. The first way is where you can copy important data to other storage media, such as an external hard drive or a flash drive. Another way you can take it is to back up to an online storage such as Google Drive.

Of the two methods, backing up data to Google Drive is the most recommended. The reason, of course, is because when you back up data to an external hard drive or flash drive, there is still a big possibility that the external hard drive is damaged or lost. Meanwhile, if you are using online storage such as Google Drive, this is very unlikely. So, your data or work can be said to be safer and can last a long time. In addition, if you save it on online storage, then you can access and use it from any device when needed.

However, the problem is where it will be very inconvenient when you always have to back up data manually. Conditions that require you to upload data to Google Drive every time you make changes or there is new data, of course, it will take its own time. Therefore, what you need is to sync Google Drive with a Laptop. This step is done so that your laptop can automatically backup to Google Drive.

Google Drive Sync with Laptop for Automatic Backup
Syncing Google Drive with a Laptop is one of the best steps you can take to always backup data. This can be done by students who are working on their final project (thesis), office workers who are compiling reports, or anyone who is afraid of losing important data. This step will connect Google Drive with your laptop storage, so that if there is a change in data or there is new data on the laptop, it will be uploaded automatically to Google Drive.

To synchronize Google Drive with a Laptop, you can use software released by Google, namely Backup and Sync. Because Google Drive storage is definitely limited, it is impossible to back up all the contents of your laptop hard drive. Therefore, when using this software, you can choose which folders you want to backup automatically to Google Drive.

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